Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Make your Windows Genuine
To all the readers of techfrenzie.com we wish a very Happy Diwali. I thought lets share a useful tool today that helps alot of you guys out there. So, here I am with the Windows Activation Test (WAT) Remover for all of you. What does this tool do? You must be knowing Windows Activation Test, it tests if your copy of Windows is Genuine or not. Well this tool does some modifications that shows you have already passed that test and your copy of windows is genuine even if its not. How does it help you? Having an activated Windows always helps in using original Microsoft Products, but essentially it helps in getting Windows Updates from the Microsoft server. So.. Where’s the tool? You need not do anything, just download this tool: WAT remover. I have given a torrent link , If you don’t know how to download using torrents , have a look at my post on How to download using torrents. Then just run this tool with sufficient rights and it will take care of the rest.

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